Terms and Conditions

  • 1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements made by Debbie Bodkin for the engagement or arrangement of a meeting, workshop, event, training or consultation of any type. In these Terms ‘Speaker, Specialist’ is defined as: the person hired by the Client.

2. Debbie Bodkin negotiates between the Client and herself for one or more appearances or activities by the Speaker/Specialist, without accepting responsibility for the quality or content of the Speaker/Specialist’s contribution and/or for the Speaker/Specialist itself.

3. Any deviation from these General Terms and Conditions shall only be permitted in case of written agreement by all parties.


4. An agreement comes into existence when the Client has accepted an offer made by Debbie Bodkin. To confirm this agreement, Debbie will send the Client an agreement that will be signed and returned within five days of receipt.

5. Should the Client request additional work from the Speaker/Specialist which is not enclosed in the Agreement, the Client will be charged separately for this work by Debbie Bodkin. In these Terms ‘additional work’ is defined as: all services and deliverables arranged by Debbie Bodkin other than the mentioned services and deliverables in the agreement.

Prices and payment

6. All prices exclude all taxes, travel, accommodation and expenses, unless otherwise mentioned.

7. The Client must pay the full fee agreed upon when invoiced. A 50% deposit is often customary when training sessions are booked. Payment shall be made directly to Debbie Bodkin.

8. Should the Client be late or fail completely to make payment, then the Client shall be held negligent by law. Debbie Bodkin is then authorized to discontinue all obligations agreed upon in the agreement or to wholly terminate the agreement. Debbie Bodkin withholds the right to receive the redress of any damages or claims.

Conditions permitted to the performance of the Speaker/ Specialist.

9. The Client shall make sure that the venue is appropriately lit and ventilated, and shall be suitable for Speaker/Specialists presentation. The Client shall fully indemnify Speaker/Specialist against any injury or damages arising out of or as a result of the event.

10. The number of people attending the meeting, as mentioned in the agreement, is binding. If the number of attendees exceeds this number, Debbie has the right to either cancel the engagement or to attach further Terms and Conditions.

Absence of the Speaker/Specialist

11. If the Speaker/Specialist has to withdraw from the speaking arrangement due to sickness, an emergency, an important engagement, professional responsibility or other unforeseeable circumstances, Debbie Bodkin shall:

  • Reschedule the performance in consultation with the Client, or
  • Provide a substitute of equal skill to the Speaker/Specialist in consultation with the Client, in which case the possible higher or lower fees shall be discussed with the Client beforehand; or
  • if Debbie Bodkin and the Client cannot come to an agreement, it will be agreed to terminate the agreement with refund of any payments paid in advance.


12. If Speaker is delayed for reasons beyond his control, and gives the full presentation at a later time that day, the fees and Speaker’s expenses shall be due in full.

13. Debbie Bodkin shall not be held accountable for any damages as a result of the absence or the delay of the Speaker/Specialist, with or without valid reason.


14.  If a participant cancels their registration the refunded amount will depend on when Debbie is notified:

  •  40 or more days prior to course date: Full refund
  • 30-39 days prior to course date: 50% refund
  • Less than 30 days prior to course date: Non-refundable
  • If a participant does not complete Module 1 of the course by the specified deadline, then that participant is not eligible for a refund and their registration is non-transferrable.


15. Debbie Bodkin is justified to terminate the agreement immediately when the Client:
– Falls short of his duties.
– Files for bankruptcy or is filed bankrupt.
– Sells his business or liquidates it.

16. Cancellation of the agreement must take place in writing.

Other Conditions

17. Debbie Bodkin is allowed to mention all assignments in Debbie Bodkin’s newsletter and Debbie Bodkin’s Calendar, including Client and the Speaker’s name, unless the Client explicitly requests not to be mentioned.

18. Information on the website of Debbie Bodkin, including photo material, may be used by the Client to promote the event. Debbie can provide extra material (photographs, press folder) if required. The conditions shall be agreed upon separately.

19. No recordings (sound or video) shall be made during the Speaker/Specialist’s contribution, without Debbie Bodkin’s express prior written consent on the Speaker/Specialist’s behalf.

20. Speaker’s name and likeness may not be used as an endorsement of any product or service or for any advertising or other commercial purpose other than the event itself, without Debbie Bodkin’s express prior written consent on Speaker/Specialist’s behalf.

Prohibition to do business directly

21. The Client is not allowed to do any business directly with the Speaker/Specialist, without intervention of Debbie Bodkin for 18 months after the Agreement is signed.


22. In case of deficiencies in fulfillment of the Agreement, the Client will notify Debbie Bodkin by registered mail within reasonable period after discovery, but no later than 5 working days after the first date of the Speaker/Specialist’s engagement.

23. Debbie Bodkin accepts no liability to third parties for damages of any kind, regardless of the cause, unless the damages are due to intention or gross negligence of Debbie Bodkin.

24. The Client shall safeguard Debbie Bodkin from claims made by third parties following the execution of the agreement.

25. Any liability of Debbie Bodkin is limited to the agreed amount as stated in the Agreement.


26. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Canada, Province of Ontario.

27. All disputes arising out or in connection with this Agreement, including collection of all fees, shall be settled by binding arbitration held in Ontario, Canada in accordance with Canadian law.