Mental Health Advocacy

Mental Health Advocacy

Educate and Inspire With World Renowned Keynote Speaker, Humanitarian and Mental Health First Aid Instructor Debbie Bodkin
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Knowledge is Power

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

Brad Meltzer
  • Our brain is one of the most important parts of our body and we should all know how to keep it healthy and functioning the way we want.
  • We know how to look after ourselves physically and we need to be able to look after ourselves mentally as well.
  • Mental illness is a medical condition, just like physical illnesses are.
  • We have to treat them the same and break the stigma which causes us to treat someone with a mental illness differently. 
  • We should also know how to help someone who is struggling with mental health problems.
  • Break the Stigma. Educate yourself and your organization. 

Learn With Debbie

Mental Health First Aid Training

This two day training equips participants with the skills necessary to recognize someone who may be exhibiting signs and symptoms of a developing mental illness or assist someone who is in a mental health crisis. Participants will receive certification from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Mental Health Workshops

Debbie offers half and full day workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Explore the mental health topics listed below and contact Debbie to design a custom workshop to meet the goals of your organization.

Mental Health Keynote Address

Looking for a dynamic, experienced and knowledgeable keynote speaker? Debbie Bodkin's own story of mental health breakdown, healing and resiliency will move your audience, raise awareness and create powerful change in the culture of your organization.

End the Stigma

Training and Presentation Topics (Click 1, 2, 3, 4 to read more about each topic)
COVID-19 UPDATE: Debbie is now offering ZOOM Meeting Keynotes, Workshops, Certification.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

MHFA is an evidence-based program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.   Just as CPR training helps a layperson with no clinical training assist an individual following a heart attack, MHFA training helps an individual assist someone experiencing the development of a mental illness or who is in a mental health crisis. 

Individuals with Mental Health First Aid certificate learn a single action plan that includes assessing risk, respectfully listening to and supporting the individual in crisis and identifying appropriate professional help and other supports that can be applied in many situations.

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, guide a person toward appropriate professional help and provide initial assistance. Participants are taught how to provide effective crisis intervention in a variety of situations such as someone experiencing a panic attack, suicidal behaviour, substance overdose, acute stress reaction or a psychotic episode.

This two day training session results in a certificate of Mental Health First Aid from the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

Occupational Mental Health Consultant

Is your organization wanting to establish or improve mental health supports for your employee? Debbie Bodkin is an experienced occupational mental health consultant who works with organizations to improve mental health awareness. 


Debbie will observe and interview staff to acquire a thorough understanding of the workplace culture and mental health perceptions.


After gaining a detailed understanding of the workplace, Debbie will assess the current strengths and weaknesses.


Debbie will offer easy to implement recommendations that will dramatically improve the organization and help mitigate potential dangers.

How it Works



Book Debbie

Debbie motivates and equips audiences with critical skills to recognize the humanity of neighbours, coworkers and strangers. Her one of kind experiences and expert storytelling will captivate any audience. Contact Debbie today to request her inspiring services for your next event.


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Custom Presentation

Debbie will create a customized experience based on the needs of your organization, school or business. Topics will be catered to the specific needs of the audience and can be presented in a range of formats including workshops, keynote address and Mental Health First Aid Certification.


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Inspire Change

Your organization, school or business will be inspired to take action and create change. Leave equipped with valuable skills: mental health awareness and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

Are you ready to inspire change and end the stigma?

Inspire action through workshops, keynotes and training sessions designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and help your audience develop, grow and advance their skills and perspectives.