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Meet Debbie Bodkin

Police Officer
for 20+ years
All Around
Human Rights
Speaker and 
Global Citizen
Mental Health
First Aid


Ever feel discouraged about your impact in the world?


Overwhelmed and unsure of what to do or how to help?

Feeling Complacent?

What is complacency costing you and your community?

We are Responsible for Each Other

Our actions and choices have an impact, right here at home and around the world.
We can create positive change, influence humanity and support healthy communities.
Everyone can do something.

"If you think you are too small to make a difference,
you haven't spent a night with a mosquito."

– African Proverb

One of a kind woman,
with one of a kind stories

Debbie Bodkin is a highly engaging, experienced and intriguing speaker and instructor. Debbie worked as a Human Rights Investigator internationally and as a member of the Waterloo Regional Police Service for 20+ years. She also fought her own battle with mental illness.

During her career in police services, Debbie was involved in a variety of investigative areas including sexual assault investigations, drug and undercover operations, homicide investigations and within the intelligence unit of the police service.

Additionally, Debbie worked for the United Nations and the Coalition for International Justice and travelled to war-torn countries to speak with individuals who lived through devastating trauma. Working in Kosovo, Darfur, Sudan, Rwanda and the Ukraine, Debbie listened to countless stories of the worst of human cruelty and suffering, but was continually inspired by the kindness, hope and strength she discovered in the victims she interviewed.

Debbie's Missions

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Debbie In Action

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Motivate Your Audience to Action

Debbie’s workshops, trainings and keynote speeches will challenge engrained perspectives, end stigma and leave the audience transformed and inspired to create change in the world.

Mental Health Advocacy

Equip your staff or community with mental health awareness, recognize warning signs and changes in behaviour. Learn how to respond and guide individuals to appropriate resources and support. Help end the stigma.

Global Citizenship

Explore what it means to be a global citizen.

Develop and grow global thinking skills necessary for the 21st century. Call your audience to action.

How it Works

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Training and Certification Programs are available virtually.



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Debbie motivates and equips audiences with critical skills to recognize the humanity of neighbours, coworkers and strangers. Her one of kind experiences and expert storytelling captivate any audience. Contact Debbie today to request her inspiring services for your next event.


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Custom Presentation

Debbie will create a custom experience based on the needs of your organization, school or business. Topics will be catered to the specific needs of the audience and can be presented in a range of formats including workshops, keynote address and Mental Health First Aid Certification.


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Inspire Change

Your organization, school or business will be inspired to take action and create change. Leave equipped with valuable skills: mental health awareness and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.


“I just wanted to tell you how much the officers and myself enjoyed the course. I wish I could roll it out to all our firefighters. After taking your class I can think back on dozens of calls where I could have done a way better job. Sadly, in both fire and EMS, dealing with people in crisis is glossed over at the training and development stage. Nice to see it coming to the frontlines now, thanks again!”
Paul Redman
Fire Chief, Town of Wellsley
“Wow … well done. Honest, factual, up front and open presentor. You are an inspiration to all of us… So glad to have had the opportunity to learn & participate in this workshop.”
Pauline McFadden
Mental Health FIrst Aid Course Participant
"Best speaker, her heart was in the presentation. WOW, it was amazing to hear her life experiences and how they affected her outstanding presentation.”
Ontario Police College
"I saw your presentation at the Goderich Hospital and appreciated what you had to say about PTSD, trauma, and those working in the helping field and how so often we are at risk. Your talk was engaging and transparent…thank you for being real. I have conducted research in the area of pre-incident mental conditioning and appreciated how you promoted this concept during your talk as well.”
Norman Barlow
Mental Health Presentation Attendee
"Excellent presenter who should be presenting this to every police service in Canada. Well given presentation and personal story which was heartfelt and genuine.”
Ontario Police College
“Debbie is a fantastic, intelligent & captivating instructor. I would take another course offered by her and will highly recommend this to my colleagues. It was an honour to be in your class. Keep up the amazing work & thank you for what you do.”
Kara Morton
Mental Health First Aid Course Participant

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